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October’s been a very busy month when it comes to Instagram announcements. Facebook, the company behind Instagram, introduced new features to both IG mobile and desktop apps. Let’s go together through the the most interesting ones.

Posting to Instagram from your computer

Instagram now allows you to post to Instagram right from your desktop browser. Prior to this, you were limited to mostly browsing (inc. search), interacting with content (liking, commenting etc.) and responding to Direct Messages (DMs). Assuming you do a lot of post-processing on your content, like most Instagram influencers, you had to go to extra lengths to share your content. With the new Instagram for desktop release, you can now comfortably do almost all of your editing and IG sharing work on your computer.

There is one caveat, though. The desktop posting allows you to only share images and videos, and is a bit limited in comparison to its mobile counterpart. For example, you won’t be able to use all the image filters you know from the mobile Instagram app.

Still, desktop posting is a welcome step forward on the Instagram part. What’s more, the move suggests you should expect that Facebook will add more features to the IG’s desktop app. Granted, it will happen slowly, but anything that improves content creation will be a huge win.

Co-authoring posts with Instagram Collabs

Instagram introduced a new way of cross-promoting and co-authoring content on their platform. They call it Collabs. With Collabs, you can invite someone to share an ownership of an Instagram feed post or Reel. The invite will show up in their DMs and, when accepted, the post will be visible in both profile’s grids. Moreover, it will share comments, likes and will be shown as if it had two authors.

Three screenshots from Instagram for iOS showing how to use Collabs in three simple steps
Instagram Collabs in three simple steps. Source: Instagram.

On paper, anyone with a decent Instagram following can benefit from Collabs. You can be very creative with the content and such virtual cross-over event might stir a lot of interest (e.g. a music band collaborating with another band). Naturally, marketers will love this, as this gives them a new way of promoting brands. Definitely keep this in mind when planning your Instagram posts!

Superbeats, Dynamic Lyrics and 3D Lyrics

Do you tend to create a lot of short-form video content on Instagram? If so, you will really like this set of new Reels effects. The first one, Superbeats, applies edits to your Reel video based on the music you included. You can select from a few styles, such as Bass (zoom in and out), Repeat (split into grid), Chroma, Refract (apply color “pulse”). The last one, Superbeat, will cycle through all the available styles.

Dynamic Lyrics, on the other hand, automatically adds lyrics to your Reel video in an artistic way. There are three ways of adjusting how the lyrics appear in the video: Pop (flash words), Jump (scroll from the bottom) and Glide (scroll left to right).

Four screenshots showcasing Instagram's Dynamic & 3D Lyrics, as well as Superbeat features
Superbeats and Dynamic Lyrics. Source: Instagram

The last effect is 3D Lyrics and it automatically display 3D-like lyrics over your video. You can customize the effect in quite a few ways, including TurnTiltRotateDepthExtend and Color.

Three screenshots showcasing how to use Instagram 3D song lyrics in three simple steps
Adding 3D Lyrics to Instagram post (left and middle). The effect on the far right. Source: Instagram.

Interactive links in Instagram Stories

Finally, including links in Stories is available to all Instagram accounts. The link can be added from the stickers menu when authoring a Story. You can use any link of any length, however only a domain will be visible (e.g.

Three screenshots showcasing how to add links to Instagram Stories in three simple steps
Adding a link to a Story works similar to @mention and #hashtag. Source: Instagram.

Note that the feature requires you to honor Instagram community guidelines. Abusers will have the feature disabled.

Links in Stories are a great way of engaging with your audience or, going a bit further, monetizing your Instagram account. You can link to virtually anything, from fundraising campaigns to shops/brands and individual products using your affiliate link, for example.

Creative, monetization or workflow tools?

Honesty, it’s hard to foretell which of the new features will make the biggest dent. Each tackles a different area of building an Instagram-first business. It’s up to you how (and if) you will use any of those features. One thing’s for sure: Instagram understands well its users and hit well with the new additions to their platform.

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