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Growing your Instagram fanbase can be challenging. Posting great content is a necessity, but is often not enough. People have to somehow discover you on the platform. One way of ensuring it happens, is liking other IGs posts. It’s an equivalent to saying “Hey, I think you will like my content as well!”.

Auto-like place posts on Instagram

Followyst helps you out in this aspect by automating liking of IG posts. Up to this point, you could instruct Followyst to like posts of a specific influencer’s fans or pictures tagged with a hashtag. Today, with the release of Followyst 1.5.0, we’re adding an option to target posts tagged with a place 🗺 of your choosing. You can learn more about this particular technique from our article about proven Instagram growth techniques. In a nutshell, if you have place-bound content of your own or run a local business at a given location, this feature is for you!

Queuing up “Like place pictures” activity in Followyst

Liking place’s pictures using Followyst is super simple and takes only a few clicks:

  1. Click on ➕ in the Profile view and select Like place pictures.
  2. Specify the place you want to target, the same way you would search it up in the Instagram app. Be as exact as possible, but don’t worry about the upper/lower case.
  3. Tweak the other settings as you see fit, hit Save and then ▶️.

With that, Followyst will search up the place in your IG app 📱 and intelligently ❤️ posts under that category. There’s a good chance that people reached this way will visit your Instagram profile and hit the coveted Follow button! All that’s left is to make sure your content aligns with the place your specify 📸.

We can’t wait to hear from you about your success stories related to this new feature. Happy Instagramming!

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