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In most cases, the standard Instagram growth techniques I previously wrote about are enough on its own to grow your IG profile. Specifically, the five out of six of those techniques are designed to maximize your outreach on Instagram. The more outreach you have, the more people visit your IG and potentially become your followers.

Sometimes, however, growing follower base does not cut it alone 💇‍♂️. You might want, for example, to ensure that existing and newly acquired fans will frequently engage with your content. It can be related to a sponsorship deal you struck, where the number of likes ❤️, comments 📣, reels 🎥 views per follower are the key success metrics.

One way of increasing the engagement rate is by on-boarding active Instagram users. It’s not that hard to identify such active users. They will usually like and comment under posts in various feeds (#hashtag posts, place posts etc.), and do it often. To give you an example, let’s say you define your target Instagram audience for the day as people interested in #lighthouses. You then search up #lighthouses hashtag in the Instagram app, open one of the posts categories (e.g. Top) and, post by post, you see who liked each post and like their posts. I know it sounds like a plot to the next Inception movie (We need to go deeper), but it’s rather simple in its most basic basic form.

Auto-like posts of active Instagram users

Now, you’re pretty much aware by this point that liking ❤️ posts in such manner takes time ⏱. A lot of it, in fact. You have to mindlessly tap inside the Instagram app 📱, going screen by screen and liking posts. Ideally, you would also have to remember profiles you’ve already visited 🙈. You get the idea.

Don’t worry, though. I’m happy to announce that starting with Followyst 1.13.0, you will be able to automate this technique as well. The latest release allows you to select from various types of Instagram post feeds, like:

  • 🏠 Your home feed. Go through posts recommended to you by Instagram and like posts of people active there.
  • 🐶 You own feed. Go through your own posts.
  • #️⃣ Hashtag feed. Go through posts tagged with specific hashtag.
  • 🗺 Place feed. Go through posts tagged with a specific place.
  • ⭐️ Influencer feed. Go through posts of specific Instagram influencer.
Queuing up “Like By Like” activity in Followyst

We call it Like by Like and it’s super simple to set up. You only have to specify the type and name of the feed, plus the usual number of pictures, liking speed and profile skipping. Followyst will then do its magic and save you a ton of time.

Happy Instagramming!

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