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Building your own Instagram following is a lot of work. To be successful, it’s not enough to be very creative with your content and post regularly 👨‍💻. You also should engage with your existing audience, making them feel important and heard 👂.

Keeping your Instagram community engaged takes time and effort, much like creating great content. Fortunately, similar to how you would approach growing Instagram follower base, there are proven techniques you can use, like:

  • Creating content that “speaks” to your existing audience, like reels, live video or interactive polls.
  • Replying to comments posted under your pictures.
  • Commenting, in a meaningful way, on your fans’ posts.
  • Liking content your fans publish.

What you post on Instagram matters not only to your potential audience, but also to your existing fanbase. Great Instagram influencers leverage all the tools IG offers to keep their fans engaged, like reels, stories and live video. The sky 🌁 is the limit here and the more creative, direct and personalized you get, the better.

While commenting is a very effective technique 🥷, it requires a certain level of personalization towards the recipient of the comment. Posting short, generic, emoji-filled comments (“❤️❤️❤️”) in vast majority of cases won’t work as intended. The best IG comments are a bit longer, relevant and deeply personal. Naturally, posting such messages takes time, especially when you plan to reach as much of your community as possible.

You can also make your followers’ feel appreciated by liking ❤️ their content. It’s akin to a pat on a shoulder, a simple show of appreciation that in a small way also benefits the follower. Mentally-wise, it requires the least effort, but is very repetitive and takes time 🕰. Sometimes a lot of it, especially if you have large number of followers. That time could be better spent on commenting and coming up with highly engaging content.

Auto-like own follower posts on Instagram

Fortunately, starting with Followyst version 1.9.0, you can instruct Followyst to automatically like your fans’ posts on Instagram. You simply specify liking speed, whether to skip mass follower accounts and that’s it! Followyst will do its magic by automatically going through your followers list and liking a few pictures posted by each of your fans. The app will remember visited profiles and start from the beginning when end of the list has been reached.

A screenshot of Followyst's showing activity modal of liking pictures of your own followers
Queuing up “Like your own followers’ pictures” activity in Followyst

With this new feature, you should see the average number of likes and comments under your posts to go up significantly. And with the time saved thanks to Followyst, you will be able to engage with your fans in different ways, just the way you wanted.

Happy Instagramming!

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