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Followyst is a truly unique Instagram automation tool 🤖. It can help you substantially grow 📈 your IG audience at a fraction of nominal time and effort. Followyst is also very safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about security of your IG account 📸.

A lot of the benefits come from the way Followyst works. The automation happens on your smartphone, with Followyst performing human-like actions on your behalf. Some of our customers even describe the whole experience as magical 🪄.

Naturally, there are some challenges that stem from our approach to Instagram automation. As many our customers, you’re probably using your primary smartphone with Followyst. The smartphone has usually a ton of apps and services installed. An incoming call, a notification or a “I need to check something really quick” situation can negatively impact an ongoing Followyst activity. It’s far from ideal, that’s why we’ve been working hard on improving the whole experience for you.

Intelligent pause and resume in Followyst

Today we’re releasing Followyst 1.15.0 with one very important change: the addition of an intelligent activity pause and an ability to pause/resume an activity at will. From now on, Followyst will detect incoming calls and calls in progress, quick app switches and will pause an ongoing activity.

Followyst for Desktop with a hashtag activity running, showcasing pause/resume feature
You can also manually pause and resume a Followyst activity

You can now also manually pause an ongoing activity in case you need your smartphone for something. In both scenarios (external interruption and manual pause), you can resume the activity any time you want. Followyst will also detect USB cable disconnects during pause, so you can reconnect it later on and resume the activity. With that, you’ll be able to move away from your desk when taking a call from your friends 🙂.

This was one of the most requested features from you and we’re happy it finally shipped 🎉. There’s more to come, especially in the usability department, so stay tuned for future updates!

Happy Instagramming!

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[…] in late April we’ve introduced intelligent pause and resume. The feature made Followyst more reliable and pleasant to use, since a whole plethora of usability […]

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