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Followyst is all about saving you that precious time. What before took hours ⏳, like running Instagram audience outreach, with Followyst it now takes less than five minutes. It means you can devote that extra time to planning, strategizing, creating great content 📸 or simply running your Instagram business. Followyst users love it for that.

Few things came up in our interviews with existing Followyst customers, however. First of all, quite a lot of people have a set of Followyst activities they often use, with similar settings. For example, it can be a standard list of #️⃣ hashtags or 💃 influencers they target in their Instagram/Followyst campaigns. Such activities often have duration, liking speed, mass followers skipping set to the same, tried and proven values. Unfortunately, every time you started a Followyst session, you had to manually add all the activities you wanted to run. Granted, Followyst tries to help you by remembering your last and most often used settings, but that alone was not enough.

Second, running a large Instagram-focused business or a marketing agency requires certain features. In particular, you want to be able to plan ahead your Instagram campaigns and sync them with Followyst automation 🤖. While you could use a dedicated document to plan the automation and transfer that to Followyst at launch, it was far from ideal.

We want to save you as much time and effort as possible, so you can shift your focus to more important matters. On that front, we’ve been busy build a feature we think you will greatly appreciate.

Plan and save time with Activities Templates

With Followyst 1.19.0, you’re now able to plan your Instagram automation in advance. We call it Activities Templates and it’s a way of saving and later reusing a list of activities. You can access it from the left-side menu under Activities templates.

Followyst for Desktop with an example fashion brand template, showcasing activities template feature
An example Instagram like campaign prepared with Activities Templates

There’s not limit to how many activities templates you can have. Each template can have any number of activities added to it. You can also reorder and edit them any way you like 🙂.

Once you have an activities template ready, you can access it from the + Add new activity menu, under From activities template. Adding a pre-defined list of activities now takes just three clicks!

Sometimes you’re deep into your Followyst automation session and realize you will probably use the same settings next day. We’ve got you covered on that front as well. You can save the list of activities you’ve already queued up with a single click of a button (see screenshot below).

Followyst for Desktop with an example activities list, illustrating how you can save the list as a template to reuse later on
You can save current list of activities as a reusable template

Thanks to Activities Templates, you will now be able to reuse common Followyst activity patterns, plan automation way in advance and in turn save even more time. Now, instead of worrying about your Instagram growth, you’ll have to decide what to do with the spare time 😉.

Happy Instagramming!

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