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Back in late April we’ve introduced intelligent pause and resume. The feature made Followyst more reliable and pleasant to use, since a whole plethora of usability issues went away. Instead of getting a fatal error, you could simply pause/resume an activity any time you wanted. A lot of you voiced their appreciation of the feature, which made us overjoyed 🥰.

While intelligent pause and resume has proven extremely useful, there were still some rough edges. You could accidentally tap or swipe during an ongoing Followyst activity, changing the view, which made it very difficult for automation to continue. In such cases, Followyst would try to course-correct, but it was not bulletproof. The same went for under-the-hood, software-related errors. Followyst would fail completely, stopping automation altogether and requiring your attention to resume. Very annoying, especially for lengthy Followyst campaigns you wanted to run throughout the whole day or during the night.

Followyst will auto-recover from fatal errors

Smart pause/resume was just the first step in our efforts to improve day-to-day use of Followyst. I’m happy to share with you that Followyst 1.18.0, released today, will auto-recover from even the most fatal of errors. Say goodbye to waking up in the morning, only to learn Followyst stopped automation due to an unforeseen error. Followyst will do the heavy-lifting, ensuring all the activities you queued up will successfully finish, regardless of what the Universe throws at it.

Followyst for Desktop with a hashtag activity running, showcasing automatic recovery from fatal errors
Followyst will auto-recover on its own after a fatal error

Thanks to auto-recovery from fatal errors, the automation now requires less input and attention from you. It also means less time wasted 🕰, resulting in more value for you in the long run.

We’re genuinely convinced you will love this major usability improvement 🙂. Especially if you’re a marketing agency or run more than one IG.

Happy Instagramming!

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