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Collabs, desktop posting, links in Stories and more coming to Instagram

Instagram introduced Collabs (a way of co-authoring a post), desktop posting for images and videos, links in Instagram Stories for everyone and new three new Reels effects.

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Plan and reuse Instagram like campaigns with Followyst’s Activities Templates

Followyst lets you reuse common automation settings, plan Instagram like campaigns way in advance and in turn save even more time. Now, instead of worrying about your Instagram growth, you'll have to decide what to do with the spare time 😉.

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Run Followyst longer and more reliably with auto-recovery from errors

Followyst will auto-recover from even the most fatal of errors. Run longer Followyst campaigns on Instagram more reliably. Save time in the process.

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Intelligent activity pause and resume comes to Followyst

Followyst will detect incoming calls and calls in progress, quick app switches and will pause an ongoing activity. You will be able to resume the activity at any point in time, even if you disconnected the USB cable.

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Check your Instagram stats with Followyst

Followyst tracks and show you Instagram statistics. Equipped with this data, you will be able to better plan your Instagram marketing efforts. The stats tracked include followers gain, changes to total followers count and other related to Followyst performance.

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Followyst automates liking posts of active Instagram users

Followyst can automatically like posts of active Instagram users. It's a great way of maximizing the chances of your newly on-boarded followers engaging with your content.

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6 bezpiecznych technik, które możesz wykorzystać do powiększania publiki na Instagramie

Let’s say you’ve read a ton of guides on running your Instagram profile, like the one about finding and reaching your Instagram audience. You put a great deal of effort into crafting your profile 🤸‍♀️, from name, description, to unique style of your content. But the followers are not coming and content engagement is really

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Szkodliwe automatyzacje Instagrama, których należy unikać

Learn about black-hat Instagram automation techniques, their impact on your Instagram profile and what you could do instead to grow your audience.

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Followyst automates liking posts of your own followers

Followyst can automatically like your fans' posts on Instagram. It's super simple to set up and thanks to it, you should see the average number of likes and comments under your posts to go up significantly. And with the time saved thanks to Followyst, you will be able to engage with your fans in different

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How to find and reach your target Instagram audience

There are over 50 billion photos shared on Instagram every day, each photo fighting for that precious attention of Instagram users. In such a competitive environment, it’s challenging to build a loyal and engaged audience, even if your content is sublime. To boost your chances tremendously, you have to be really specific about the kind