Imagine you had more time
to focus on content creation

Followyst is the most reliable way to get real followers and increase engagement on Instagram.

Try risk-free for 7-days. No credit card required.

Imagine you had more time<br/>to focus on content creation

How does Followyst differ from other services?

Followyst runs on your smartphone. It engages with real and relevant Instagram profiles by avoiding fake and bot accounts.

You open Followyst on your smartphone and select what to automate

You open Followyst on your smartphone and select what to automate

There are plenty of Instagram growth techniques and targeting options to choose from.

Followyst intelligently auto-❤️ IG posts using your smartphone

Followyst intelligently auto-❤️ IG posts using your smartphone

Everything happens on your phone and according to your instructions. Followyst can do the hard work for you for hours without a sweat!

You get followed back 🔥

You get followed back 🔥

Some of the people Followyst engages with will follow you back. All you have to do is to post quality content!

Even +10,000 followers in a year with Followyst

You can grow your Instagram audience with virtually no time investment and without any risk.

Hard to believe? See below how our customers gained followers month to month!

A chart showing follower gain of a culinary blogger thanks to Followyst
Culinary blogger (12.2k followers)
A chart showing follower gain of a photographer thanks to Followyst
Photographer (3.8k followers)
Motion graphic designer (1.7k followers)

Are you an iPhone user or want to go smartphone-free?

Instead of a smartphone, you can install Bluestacks on your Mac or PC.
We’ve prepared a guide for you on how to configure and use Bluestacks with Followyst.

What kind of impact Followyst has, you might ask?

People using Followyst see their Instagram profiles rise in popularity, by a lot


Learn about each feature from our blog. Looking for follow-unfollow? Read why it's discouraged.

€15 / mo
  • #️⃣ Like hashtag's pictures
  • 🗺 Like place's pictures
  • 🚀 Up to 60 actions (likes) per hour
  • 🗂 Time-saving templates
  • 🧰 Free access to new features as they roll out
  • Up to 2 active Instagram profiles
  • 1 smartphone running Followyst
  • Price includes VAT

  • 7-day free trialno credit card required
€49 / mo
  • #️⃣ Like hashtag's pictures
  • 🗺 Like place's pictures
  • 👥 Like your own followers pictures
  • ❤️ Like pictures of people liking specific content
  • 🤖 Remove mass followers
  • 👥 Like influencer followers' pictures
  • 🚀 Up to 80 actions (likes) per hour
  • 🗂 Time-saving templates
  • 👨‍💻 Priority support
  • 🧰 Free access to new features as they roll out
  • Up to 4 active Instagram profiles
  • 2 smartphones running Followyst
  • Price includes VAT
€149 / mo
  • #️⃣ Like hashtag's pictures
  • 🗺 Like place's pictures
  • 👥 Like your own followers pictures
  • ❤️ Like pictures of people liking specific content
  • 🤖 Remove mass followers
  • 👥 Like influencer followers' pictures
  • 🚀 Up to 120 actions (likes) per hour
  • 🗂 Time-saving templates
  • 👨‍💻 Priority support
  • 🧰 Free access to new features as they roll out
  • Unlimited active Instagram profiles
  • 8 smartphones running Followyst
  • Price includes VAT

Grow your Instagram audience

1️⃣ 📸 Instagram

Given you regularly post good content people enjoy and Followyst is run frequently, you can expect up to +10,000 followers gained per year. We didn’t make the number up, it’s the actual expected gain reported by our customers that regularly use Followyst!

Agencies and brands will look for IGs that boast high engagement rate (esp. comments). By using Followyst and removing mass followers (fake, bot accounts), your reach and account quality will improve. As a result, depending on your niche, you can expect better sponsorship deals.

No, Followyst does not support follow/unfollow and auto-comments. We dedicated an entire article to highlighting, why these two Instagram growth techniques are highly discouraged. In short, we aim to automate techniques that make Instagram interactions as authentic as possible. When people receive a notification that you liked their content, it’s like an invitation to check out your IG. Way better than spammy comments or DMs.

Besides, why bother with follow/unfollow and auto-comments, when liking posts is highly effective and can get you a lot of new followers! It worked for our IGs and will work for yours as well 🚀.

Having more followers on Instagram will not only give more meaning to your work and increase brand awareness, but also benefit you financially. High number of followers will lead to more sales of your product(s) and better paid partnerships terms.

Yes! Turns out auto-liking Instagram posts is highly effective in any industry. More so, Followyst supports a wide range of Instagram growth techniques that can apply to any niche and any type of content.

2️⃣📱 Followyst for Android

Followyst is unique in that it leverages the smartphone you use and own to perform actions on Instagram on your behalf, almost perfectly mimicking your behavior. This by itself greatly lowers the risk of your account getting banned. That being said, we recommend to adhere to the following when starting your journey with Followyst:

  • Begin with liking speed of up to 40 likes/hour when enqueuing Followyst activities, a few hours at most total per day.
  • Slowly ramp up to 60 likes/hour throughout the next two weeks.
  • Full speed and as long duration as you want afterwards..

The smartphone should be unlocked whilst the automation is in progress. Otherwise Followyst won’t be able to interact with the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Currently only Android smartphones are supported. In some cases, Followyst can work with an Android tablet as well, however our team will have a limited capability to provide support.

Android tablet support is on our radar. Let us know at you’re eager to try out Followyst with an Android tablet and we’ll bump this issue on the list of priorities.

Once you install Followyst on your Android smartphone and enable permission toggles (it takes less than 2 minutes), you’re ready to go. You can then queue up various activities (equivalent to Instagram growth techniques) in the Followyst app, hit run and that’s it! Followyst will magically control the Instagram app on your smartphone, mimicking human behavior. It’ll all happen without you having to pay any attention at all.

For example, you can queue up an activity that will like 100 posts of people following a particular influencer on Instagram, preferably one that has an audience similar to yours. Followyst will then go through the list of her/his followers, skipping bot or fake accounts, and will like a few posts of each follower. Those followers will then get a notification that you liked their Instagram post, prompting them to check out your Instagram profile. Since you’ve targeted an audience similar to yours, there’s a high chance those people will start following your Instagram profile.

Followyst supports plenty of options for targeting potential followers (e.g. by #️⃣ hashtag, 📍place). Each activity is designed to achieve different goals, so you can definitely find something that works for you!

Yes! Followyst works with BlueStacks Android emulator. You can download and use it for free on both macOS and Windows.

We’ve prepared a step by step guide on how to set up Bluestacks and Followyst. Don’t worry, the whole process is simple, requires only a few minutes of your time and you do it only once 🙂.

Yes! Followyst support for BlueStacks Android emulator is in beta and we encourage you to try it out. Especially if you don’t want to use your primary smartphone for automation or you don’t own an Android smartphone (and you’re more of an Apple person 😉).

We’ve prepared a step by step guide on how to set up Bluestacks and Followyst, so they work together without any issues. Definitely check it out!

3️⃣ 🔐 Privacy & security

Yes! We don’t ask for nor store your Instagram password. You have to manually log in to Instagram on your smartphone and Followyst does the rest.

We list the information we collect in our Privacy Policy. In a gist, we only collect what is necessary to provide our services to you. We don’t sell your information to any third party.

Yes! Followyst does not access apps, data nor other features of your smartphone that are not relevant to its purpose. The only thing it does is automating your Instagram app.

The accessibility service used by Followyst is only active whilst the automation is in progress. Pausing or stopping automation stops the service, so no information is collected.

Displaying over other Android apps permission is necessary to show Followyst controls. You can conveniently hide the overlay once you’re done with your automation session.

If you feel like it, you can revoke the permissions at any time and re-enable them before an automation session.

4️⃣ 💳 Plans & payments

Yes! We use Stripe, de facto golden standard in the industry, as a secure payment gateway. We do not store nor have access to your credit card information. The credit card input you see on Followyst’s payments pages is provided directly by Stripe.

You will still be able to use Followyst for the remainder of cancelled subscription plan’s billing period.

You will get an automatic, one-time discount based on the current subscription plan you’re on and how much time is left in your billing period. For example, upgrading from OLD_PLAN to NEW_PLAN, with 10 days left in your 30-day billing period, will cost you:


rounded down. The discount only applies to the current billing period. Subsequent payments will be for the full amount of the NEW_PLAN‘s price.

It can be done in three steps:

  1. Cancel your current subscription plan from the Account page. Don’t worry, you will still be able to use Followyst for the remainder of your billing period according to your most recent subscription plan.
  2. Once your billing period ends, Abandon your subscription from the Account page.
  3. Click on Subscription plans at the top of the page and choose your desired plan.

We want to deliver the best possible experience for you and it is a continuous process. Expect us to improve existing features, add both minor and major features, fix issues, adapt to ever-changing Instagram etc., all part of the fee you pay for the product.

Cancel stops your subscription from automatically renewing. You will still be able to use Followyst until your current billing period ends.

Abandon immediately terminates your subscription. This means you won’t be able to use Followyst for the remainder of the your current billing period.

Yes, the prices are VAT-inclusive. You pay what you see on the Plans pages. We think it’s simpler and more transparent that way.


It’s very easy! Simply head to and sign up. Once you customise your individual affiliate link, you are all set. Just share or use the link in your content.

You get 35% of each first purchase made through your affiliate link. We also occasionally issue bonuses to our most successful affiliates.

There’s no floor nor ceiling for how much you can earn in total. In short, when we earn money, you get paid as well 💰!

We issue payouts on the first day of each month. The minimum payout is €20, however there is no maximum limit. The payouts are issued through PayPal only. In case you don’t have one, sign up for a PayPal account before the next payout window to keep things running smoothly.

There’s no cost to becoming a Followyst affiliate. It’s completely free.

All that’s left is to promote Followyst to earn cash!

Simply log in to your personalized Tapfiliate dashboard. There you can find all the data on the progress you’re making, including statistics on clicks, conversions and commission awarded. Tapfiliate, the platform we’re using, offers rich reporting features, so you can easily understand where you’re at.

Terms of Service for the Followyst affiliate program can be found here. You have to accept them to join the program.

As an affiliate, you’re expected to spread the word about Followyst and earn money in the process. The way you achieve that is up to you within some sane and legal boundaries (see our Terms of Service for affiliates for details).

There’re a few ways for you to have a good start. For example, share your affiliation link with people who might need Followyst (on social or via DMs), create great content for your blog or a newsletter, record a video reviewing Followyst. Get creative!

We only award commissions on completed orders. In particular, customers referred by you have to stay a paying customers at least 30 days after initial purchase. Refunds or cancellations before the 30 days pass void your commission.

We’re committed to doing our best to keep our customers happy, so they stay with us for months or even years and you, as our partner, earn well-deserved cash.

We use Tapfiliate to track conversions and provide you with an advanced dashboard and reporting. The tracking is done through an affiliate link of your choosing and a browser cookie. In an essence, once a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link and visits our website, we set a unique cookie that lasts 45 days. A subsequent purchase made within those 45 days will count as a successful conversion.

6️⃣ 🖥 Followyst for Desktop (discontinued)

Yes! Followyst does not access apps, data nor other features of your smartphone that are not relevant to its purpose. The only thing it does is automating your Instagram app.

We highly recommend turning off USB debug mode once you’re done with your Followyst session. You have turn it on later on before a next session.

Followyst supports only Android smartphones with Android 7.0 or newer. This includes devices that got Android updates from their manufacturers after their initial release. You can find numerous guides on-line on how to check the Android version of your smartphone or how to update to a newer version on-line. No worries, when in doubt, simply contact us at and we will help you out.

We’re exploring iPhone/iOS support, however we can’t commit to a specific timeline at the moment.

Followyst desktop application requires a bit of help from other Open Source (free, open software) components to perform automation tasks. You can expect the following apps to be present on your Android device after starting an Activity in Followyst’s desktop app:

  • Appium Settings
  • io.appium.uiautomator2.server
  • io.appium.uiautomator2.server.test

Our advice in regards to USB debugging mode on your smartphone applies here as well. To be super safe, remember to disable USB debugging on your Android device after each session with Followyst.

  1. Uninstall Followyst desktop application using standard Windows/macOS mechanisms.
  2. On your Android device, go to Apps in Settings and uninstall:

    • Appium Settings
    • io.appium.uiautomator2.server
    • io.appium.uiautomator2.server.test

No. PC/mac has to say on while Followyst is running.