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You can write articles, talk with people on forums or engage with your audience on social media. You choose how your promote Followyst.

Easy to start

You simply sign up, customize your referral link and that's it! All that's left is to share your custom link with your friends and audience.

35% commission

You earn 35% of each sale, right from the start.

Monthly payouts

We issue payouts with regularly on the first day of each month without enforcing any upper limits.

45 days recall

Referral purchases made within 45 days of customer's first visit will count towards your commission.

Frequently asked questions

Get instant answers to common questions you might have about the affiliate program.

How do you track my affiliate conversions?

We use Tapfiliate to track conversions and provide you with an advanced dashboard and reporting.

The tracking is done through an affiliate link of your choosing and a browser cookie. In an essence, once a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link and visits our website, we set a unique cookie that lasts 45 days. A subsequent purchase made within those 45 days will count as a successful conversion.

What happens when a Followyst plan purchase is cancelled or refunded?

We only award commissions on completed orders. In particular, customers referred by you have to stay a paying customers at least 30 days after initial purchase. Refunds or cancellations before the 30 days pass void your commission.

We’re committed to doing our best to keep our customers happy, so they stay with us for months or even years and you, as our partner, earn well-deserved cash.

What are my responsibilities as a Followyst affiliate?

As an affiliate, you’re expected to spread the word about Followyst and earn money in the process. The way you achieve that is up to you within some sane and legal boundaries (see our Terms of Service for affiliates for details).

There’re a few ways for you to have a good start. For example, share your affiliation link with people who might need Followyst (on social or via DMs), create great content for your blog or a newsletter, record a video reviewing Followyst. Get creative!

What are the Terms of Service of the Followyst affiliate program?

Terms of Service for the Followyst affiliate program can be found here. You have to accept them to join the program.

How can I monitor my earnings?

Simply log in to your personalized Tapfiliate dashboard. There you can find all the data on the progress you’re making, including statistics on clicks, conversions and commission awarded. Tapfiliate, the platform we’re using, offers rich reporting features, so you can easily understand where you’re at.

Do I have to pay anything to become a Followyst affiliate?

There’s no hidden cost to becoming a Followyst affiliate. It’s completely free.

How and when I’m getting paid?

We issue payouts on the first day of each month. The minimum payout is €20, however there is no maximum limit. The payouts are issued through PayPal only. In case you don’t have one, sign up for a PayPal account before the next payout window to keep things running smoothly.

How much can I earn by being an affiliate?

You get 35% of each first purchase made through your affiliate link. We also occasionally issue bonuses to our most successful affiliates.

There’s no floor nor ceiling for how much you can earn in total. In short, when we earn money, you get paid as well 💰!

How do I become a Followyst affiliate?

It’s very easy! Simply head to our portal for affiliates and sign up. Once you customise your individual affiliate link, you will be all set. Just share or use the link in your content.

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