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What's new: Smart Comments

Increase your engagement with AI-generated comments, coming in Followyst 1.4.0.

By Krzysztof TarnowskiPosted on

Followyst gives you tools for engaging with other Instagram users, which in turn drives views, likes and follows to your Instagram profile. Today we’re giving you another way of interacting with your audience to further promote your brand: smart commenting.

Smart commenting is built on top of AI, which means it learns from your style of writing and formatting, then makes relevant comments under the posts of your choosing. It’s a great way to cut some time when you’re in need of that extra boost when promoting your recently released content.

Using smart comments is as easy as tapping one button. The more comments you make yourself, the better smart comments will get. You can always review the smart comments and make any changes to them after each run, making sure everything’s according to your preferences.

We intend for smart comments to evolve over time, giving you even better results with each new release. You can help us improve this feature by sharing your success stories, as well as things that didn’t pan out according to your liking. We’re at support@followyst.com, always eager to chat with you.

Adding activity with AI comments
You can enable and configure Smart Comments when adding an activity

Other changes

We’ve made a few changes to the way you get around the Followyst app. For example, the general setup has been moved to just before the automation starts, so you can easily access your Home at any point in time.

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